Wonder Woman trolled by Lebanon and alt-right

What is it about these predominantly Muslim countries and the alt-right?   What is the connection?

As I recall, the original gamergate dude who wrote the long screed about the woman who broke up with him was from Turkey.  Coincidence?  And long-time gamergate darling Devil’s Advocate who has been embraced by none other that Breitbart, IIRC is of Arab background.

What is it about a culture where women’s marriages are arranged and women are prohibited from driving a car that draws in these dudes like a magnet?

So this time the alt-right dudes are freaking out over all-woman screening of the new movie. And in Lebanon, in spite of the fact that Wonder Woman star Gal Gadot appeared in the films  Fast and the Furious and Batman vs Superman, the Lebanese government is attempting to ban the film based on the fact that Gadot is an Israeli citizen.

Oh, is that the reason?