Rogol’s sock drawer

pseudointellectual troll sockNoticed this before and just remembered it.

Rogol usually signs his posts in the Wikimedia mailing list as “Rogol” in scare quotes.  But starting with the “fund the endowment” thread, he’s been changing his name in every post.

On Aug 21 it was Reinhard.

On Aug 22 it was Rudyard, also Ronald.

On Aug 23 it was Rod.

And so on, Redmond, Reed, Reginald, Roald, Ruud, Roland, Rutherford, Rognvald, Roibéard, and Reid.

rogol sig screenshot2So what is that about?  Just for starters, I would say it’s about contempt.  Contempt for the readers, and especially for the volunteers who want to see the project work, and want to be able to use the lists as a communication tool. It’s about letting everyone know that he is playing them for fools, even as they attempt to communicate with him in good faith.

So who is he, what does he do?  He’s been around for the last year or so but his contribution history doesn’t say much.  He’s only on Meta, and only to stir the pot.

I get it that there is some political component here, that Rogol objects to the WMF using consultants that have also done contracting work for the U.S. Democratic party. But what does he expect?  Kellyanne Conway? Bannon?  If he has reasonable ideas, why does he not put them forth for discussion.  Is there some un-aired grievance?  The fact that he chooses to use ‘tactics’ instead of analysis says a lot about whether he considers his objectives to be legitimate.

There’s this last bit also, this bogus thread he started on “News on Wikipedia”, where he asks

“Has the Foundation made a conscious decision to promote Wikipedia as a source of news, and if so, what were the results of its discussions with the Wikipedia and Wikinews communities? Will the Foundation allocate any extra resources to this effort?”

After several knowledgeable people waste their time answering him, his last post on the subject reveals that he is actually canvassing for an RFC on English Wikipedia, one of dozens that are listed every day, but one that touches on the subject of American politics advances the right-wing agenda (unless this is just a very well done joe-job)  that seems so near and dear to his heart. The questions he has wasted everyone’s time with on the mailing list have nothing to do with the RFC, of course.


The Rogol RFC and collective punishment

For anyone who hasn’t been awake for the last week, our old pal Rogol is still pestering the Wikimedia mailing list, in a desperate bid for attention from his newfound homies over at Wikipediocrayzy.

And this time the mailing list made a special RFC, just for Rogol. It is here, and what cowardice – pretending to be all about posting limits and unnamed accounts.

And it is utterly stupid, because everyone knows it is about Rogol, and everybody knows that collective punishment doesn’t work. It only causes resentment, and a lack of respect for the people in authority who refuse to meet the issue head on.

Which is just what Rogol wants.

Wikipediocrazy was not Rogol’s first port of call.  But Rogol’s earlier bid for attention over at Proboards didn’t go so well, they were just unable to focus — even now, they’re babbling on about Greece and tomatoes.   Proboards may have crashed and burned earlier this week, but I did manage to rescue this little tidbit from the fire — a comment from Rogol revealing his master Wikipedia strategy for…something…? (Green added, typos are his own.)

I have posted comments at the wikimedia-l email list on two topics: Diversity and EEO-1 and Draft Code of Conduct for Technical Spaces. I do hope that independently-minded readers willfind them sufficiently interesting to cross-post to appropriate other mailing lists and show as much interest as possible in debating those topics.

The object in the first case is simply to embarass the WMF into doing something. Making them do something they had not planned to do, or do not want to do, or had never even though of, but feel they now have to under Community pressure, creates resentment, consumes resources and creates a generally unhappy atmosphere for debates over other issues.

The object in the second case is to emphasise the division between Foundation and Community by focus on such issues as who gets to authorise the code and who benefits from it. Postings which are reasonable and reasoned but firmly on one side or the other will do that. If someone were to make particularly extreme posts and get banned for it, that would show that the WMF was censoring debate, disrespecting democacy etc.

Crossposting comments to WMF blog posts on these matters will also help publicity. If all those cross-posts link to the email of one particular author, that would look odd. Probably linking to independent but well-thought-out independent comments is the most helpful (to the blog readers, I mean, of course).

So our little Rogol finally found a purpose in life, manipulating Wikipedia to make people unhappy and suck the fun out of everything for everyone else.  He doesn’t give a rat’s ass about the issues he’s supposedly raising, he’s just nagging for the sake of nagging, and looking for attention.

And the sad thing is, there really are issues worth raising, and difficult questions that should be asked, but now no one is going to take them seriously, because they now see it is all just a sham to impress their little boyfriendz back at Hasten The Day.

When someone tells you who they are, believe them.

Chargée d’Merde

Oh dear, someone left Rogol in the dungeon. Yes, the blog has a dungeon.  He’s been there since the 4th of July weekend, while the rest of us all had a nice vacation.  It wasn’t me, it was the other Genderdesk, my new Chargée d’Merde and Evil Twin, but I suppose I will have to let him out to give him a chance to respond.  What a pest.

Barbie goes to hell

Yep, she’s been on Wikipedia all right.

Text explanation:

Think back to your first descent into the abyss many years ago. You were a raw rookie at the time, and didn’t have many skills to help you negotiate the dark, dank regions. It was no surprise that you came back touchy and scarred.

But in each stint in the underworld since then, you’ve gained more proficiency at remembering who you are even when you feel lost.

In fact, I suspect that somewhere along the way you passed a crucial threshold. You learned the difference between repetitive, unnecessary pain and the kind of useful pain that rejuvenates and empowers. You discovered how a journey into the underworld can sharpen your soul’s vision and enrich your creative passion.

Congratulations on the upgrade!

Some cognitive dissonance going on here but I can’t quite put my finger on it.

Wikipedia Review Proboards down

So these guys are down again.  I have to say the forum was getting more chaotic, and less interesting to the generic reader, at the same time that Wikipediocracy was starting to get its shit together. The core group has regrouped at their summer cabin

There is also a short thread at the Proboards support board that quickly degenerated into incoherent conspiracy theories. Supposedly there is an imposter site at, but I haven’t been able to find it. Maybe it was also taken down, as there is some mention of it at the most active thread. A similar discussion is at

Update: the Wikipedia Sucks thread is now password protected, so you can assume there is a bit in there about the India Against Corruption folk who have been so weird all over the internets.  They certainly don’t want to attract *that* crowd. Also there was more about the Proboards impersonation blog, apparently they chose user names that mocked the names of the familiar Proboards users.

Harold Franklin of Auburn University fame

Harold Franklin was the first African American to attend Auburn University. [2]  He does not have a Wikipedia article.

An internal search for his name does not turn up the only information about him on Wikipedia, in an article titled “Desegregation of Auburn University”. [3]

On Jan. 4, 1964, Franklin enrolled at Auburn at the school library with Graduate School Dean William Van Parker and other school officials, as news reporters and photographers stood by. [4] The university had been desegregated by federal order, after the federal government won several lawsuits against the university. Seven months earlier, Alabama State university had been desegregated, with Alabama governor George Wallace making his historic stand in the schoolhouse door to try to prevent the registration of students Vivian Malone and James Hood, who both have Wikipedia articles.

Franklin left Auburn in 1966 without finishing his degree, after being told a thesis on the civil rights movement would be too controversial. Auburn awarded him an honorary doctorate in 2001.[5] The school also honored Franklin with a historical marker in 2015. [6] Franklin finished his degree at other institutions and later became professor of history at Talladega College in Talladega Alabama. [7]

‘So, what does this have to do with gender, O wise and noble Genderdesk’, you may ask. Patience, grasshopper, this is all leading up to something, namely Wikipedia’s silencing of another civil rights activist, Heather Heyer, by an Alabama professor, coincidentally, or perhaps not so coincidentally, also of Auburn.